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Keeping Pests Away – 7 Ways to Control Pest Infestation in Your House

During the peak of summer, pests often emerge and try to invade our homes. Is it fair to criticize them when you consider what is available?

I mean, food, water and shelter are all provided in one location, your house.

However, regardless of the type of pest you’ve seen, it is important to address the issue promptly. After all, having pests in your home is extremely unhygienic and can spread diseases easily.

Based on the kind of pest you have; you should take appropriate actions like finding strategies to eliminate roaches or strategies to eliminate ants. However, this will only solve the current issue – you will need to safeguard your home to avoid future infestations as well.

That’s the reason why we’ve compiled seven strategies to prevent bugs from entering your home, ensuring you are aware of the most effective ways for Insect pest control beforehand.

1: Keep Your Kitchen as Clean as Possible

Pests enjoy food as much as we do.

They are drawn to the same things that we enjoy – fatty bacon, sweet cakes, and salty chips. Cleaning up leftover food can be a simple way to prevent pests from coming into your space.

You might have thrown a party or cooked a fancy meal and now feel exhausted, yet storing the food properly is crucial in preventing pests.

And be sure to clean your counters regularly. Although they may appear neat, countertops easily gather sugars, fats, and grease from the meals you cook and consume.

2: Keep an Eye on the Weather Stripping on the Windows or Doors

How can pests be kept away? Ensure there is no possible entry for them.

Closing your garage door and glass sliding doors at night is a common practice, so it may seem obvious. However, pests are finding their way inside through tiny entry points, with the weather stripping in your home being a popular spot.

These materials deteriorate with age and offer advantages beyond just keeping insects away.

The items needed for fixing or changing worn stripping can be found inexpensively and easily at a nearby hardware store.

3: Not Maintaining Your Yard Properly

A yard that is not well-maintained can turn into a place where pests multiply.

This will significantly facilitate their ability to cause trouble indoors and outdoors, particularly if there is any stagnant water on the premises.

Water that is not moving is a rather ideal place for mosquitos to breed, particularly in Florida. To prevent pests from entering your house from your yard, it is advisable to –

Regularly cut your grass,

Frequently rake and remove leaves,

Even out any low spots that can gather water, and

Switch out water in birdbaths and fountains every two weeks.

If pests enter your home, get in touch with us immediately.

4: Take Care of the Passages and Cracks

Pests can enter your home through the cracks in the foundation, walls, or perimeter of the house. There are cables and heating wires in both the outer and inner walls that can help them out in this aspect as well.

It is suggested that you seal the areas surrounding these wires inside and outside of your house. Make sure to check all vent dampers to ensure they are not open or damaged.

Also, ensure to seal any cracks or gaps in the foundation of the house, especially focusing on the junction where the side walls meet the foundation, as pests tend to hide in this area.

5: Avoid Keeping Water and Food in the Open

In order to prevent bugs from devouring your food, attempt to store all food and ingredients in airtight containers or the fridge when you can.

Dirty dishes left for a long time, especially in dirty water, can draw various pests.

Store all food overnight in containers that are specifically made to prevent pests from getting in. Ensure that you dispose of food in the kitchen garbage bin rather than in the small wastebaskets. Also, don’t forget to frequently remove the garbage and regularly clean the garbage bin.

6: Empty the Bins Regularly

Your leftover food attracts pests like cockroaches, flies, and rodents. Hence, we recommend that you frequently clear out the bins in your house, especially the ones in your kitchen.

Make sure to regularly empty your bins and use containers with secure lids and intact seals to stop pests from getting in. Moreover, try to frequently clean and disinfect your bins to eliminate any spills or leftover residue that may attract bugs.

7: Avoid Clutter in Attics and Garages

Those ancient containers you’ve been wanting to declutter for ages?

Indeed, they are another hiding spot for pests in your house.

These regions typically stay untouched for extended periods and may feel moist or humid, particularly when items are kept in cardboard containers.

Clean these areas often to prevent infestations and replace cardboard storage with plastic bins for more versatility. The cleaner and more hygienic your home is, the better it is for your health too.

The Bottom Line

These 7 tips might be easy, but achieving simplicity can be challenging at times.

These small actions add up over time to maintain a pest-free home, but it also demands a large amount of self-control. Still, it is never worth the risk of a pest infestation. Don’t delay taking urgent action to avoid hassles, frustrations, wasted time, and unnecessary expenses.



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